Annihilation of the Politcal Parties

Political parties should be abolished from the United States government. Having the government split between parties does not result in rational arguments made by one party in response to another party’s ideas.  In fact, if a Democratic representative does not like the idea proposed by a republican representative (and vice versa), the rejection of the idea is almost always based on an emotional appeal rather than a rational concept.

Furthermore, often if a Democrat or a Republican is voted into office as president, he will appoint advisors from his own party rather than having a split partied cabinet. This results in a bunch of people supporting the president’s ideas and laws without any criticism or opposition. And although this is not ALWAYS the case, when it is, it is never conducive to a true working democracy in which everyone’s opinion is heard and represented in equal fashion.

Humans are ruled by emotion. This is a fact. And for those people who want to argue this fact, put yourself in a situation where you have to make a decision to either support a friend or to support someone you dislike, and even if you know that your friend is wrong, you will support them regardless.

For a more relevant example, while watching the current President speak, this split partied government is clearly a representative of the emotional ties to which the member is attached. For example, when the president makes a commitment or a valid point on a subject, the Democrats always clap and get excited. However, the Republicans’ response is almost always limited to sitting motionless in their chairs with a blank or angry face.

However, we can fix this so called “problem” by slowly integrating a governmental system that eliminates the split parties and reunites the government as a whole. Sure, there will always be segregation and there will always be people grouping together, but without the label as either a republican or democrat, or any other such categorizing of people, the emotional ties to the groups will be limited in their power. This is due to the fact that someone who is republican won’t be in fear of being ostracized by his or her fellow republicans just because he or she disagrees with them on a certain subject or point. Furthermore, they won’t be criticized by republican citizens as well because the parties won’t exist.

In fact, according to, “(George)Washington was not a member of any political party and hoped that they would not be formed, fearing conflict and stagnation.” Conflict is the operative word and applies most to today’s society. We already fight enough as a nation than to have another reason to hate our fellow man. And if the people are not savvy enough to see this as a problem, then God help us all.

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