Pluto no longer planet?…People have too much time on their hands.

Saying a planet is only a planet when it has “cleared its neighborhood” is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Earth still has asteroids in it’s orbit. And so do other planets. So if they used that definition exclusively then these planets must also be demoted.

You can argue that these asteroids are ‘in-step’ with the planets meaning that they orbit the sun in the exact same path at the same velocity, etc…Meaning they will never collide. Why is this important? Because if they will never collide then the neighborhood can never be cleared. Therefore, you must rephrase the definition of a planet once again.

They are also missing a glaring contradiction. Dwarf what? …Dwarf ‘planets’ which suggests they are still planets. If you’re going to demote or declassify something, you don’t just add another word to it. Astronomers are dumb and just want to look smart. But in doing so they make themselves look even dumber…

Now, not to mention, we have to alter the solar system that we’ve been learning since about 1930. All the schools have to get new books, charts, etc…And who do you think is going to have to pay for all that? Not the teachers or the schools or the government, even though they are going to make every effort to make it look like they do. But it’s ultimately going to come out of the tax payers pockets.

We have not heard the end of this. They are working on an appeal right now. And mark my words, before it’s done, the definition of a planet is going to change about a hundred times. Pluto will be tossed around all over the place. They may even classify it as a moon…It’s all semantics.

Update….this will also interfere with astrologers and the like who rely on planets and their positions to make spiritual inferences for those of us who are spiritual in nature.

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One Response to Pluto no longer planet?…People have too much time on their hands.

  1. Matt says:

    Science of every catagory is constantly expand and reworking previous theories and ideas, why should astronomers be left out? It wasn’t until 2006 that the term ‘planet was actually defined and suprise, suprise, 2006 was the year pluto lost it’s designation of being a planet. As far as the text books go, they’re continually updated, should we ignore a new President’s position because we’ll have to rewrite the history text books to include them? And as far as astrology goes, I suggest you look into the Forer (or Barnum) effect.

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